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What is orgone?

Imagine if all living beings, from the birds that swoop over your head to the grass underneath your feet, had an electric life force. Imagine being able to find the life force in every single cell in your body, both inside and out, and being able to harness and use it in ways that would improve your life. Chi was the ancient name for it, but it is now known as Orgone Energy.

Although it may sound like something out of a science fiction book, Orgone Energy has long been a source of fascination for many of the twentieth century’s greatest scientific minds. Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist born in the alpine lands in 1897, was the first to discover it. Reich was a pupil of Sigmund Freud and wrote numerous books on psychology, including books on anxiety and neurosis. Wilhelm Reich, who was still intrigued by the mind, turned to bioelectricity and cosmology in the 1930s, spending most of his time in New York doing experiments with airborne organisms. He found a particle in these species that he called Orgone. As his research progressed, he started to create Orgone Energy-based devices that he claimed could aid in healing.

Reich was a firm believer in the concept and research that Orgone Energy and manipulation could cure a wide range of issues – not just the physical sensations that people experience in their lives, but also on a broader, more collective level. Reich recognized that the universe is full of suffering, problems, and dead energy, all of which can accumulate toxicity in our own energy and the environments we live in. His plan was to build something that could channel that energy and turn negative energies into something more complete and fine for the greater good.

Dr Reich first invented the Orgone Accumulator and the Cloudbuster in order to transform Dead Orgone Energy and its destruction into something that could support and heal.

A wooden cupboard lined with metal, cotton, and steel wool acted as the Orgone Energy Accumulator. The organic materials layered inside the package, Reich claimed, can absorb Orgone Energy and keep it there (similar to how a greenhouse works with heat). The Orgone Accumulator captivated creatives and artists alike, with names like Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs, and Norman Mailer eager to climb inside to increase their orgiastic potency.

The Cloudbuster, on the other hand, was more oriented toward environmental and Orgone Energy discoveries. He was well aware that the presence of energy in the universe influenced the atmosphere, which in turn influenced cloud formation. Reich claimed that clouds, moisture, and electricity all had a direct effect on our atmosphere, so he created the Cloudbuster to harness that energy. The Cloudbuster was pointed at a sky that was fat and full of clouds, like a vacuum cleaner. The energy that holds the clouds together (usual water) dissipates, and the cloud vanishes. Using an Orgone Chamber, James DeMeo picked up this work in the 1970s, and his study validated Reich’s original theory.
Now we come to Orgonite, the modern-day magic that is said to be capable of catching all of that vital Orgone Energy. Orgonite is a resin-encased combination of quartz crystals and metal shavings. Which has the ability to transform Deadly Orgone Energy into something more beneficial. Modern-day Orgonite devices often include healing crystals to boost their effectiveness, and they may be shaped in sacred geometry forms such as pyramids, etc. to pay homage to the ancient world and offer a nod to our earthly ancestors who may have already been familiar with Orgone but may have called it by a different name – such as life energy, life force, Prana, or Chi.

What is an orgone pyramid?

Orgone generator is an orgone pyramid.

Orgone Pyramids are popular for those looking to retune the Orgone Energy in their home. These Pyramids are built in line with the science behind how Orgone Energy works. Often, organic materials are used to attract and hold the energy (usually this is a resin) and then non-organic materials (like metal shavings) are used to simultaneously attract and repel the energy. They also include healing crystals to up their power. As all this energy is being pulled and pushed it creates a charge or scrubbing action which cleanses and shakes the stagnancy from the energy and turns the negative into something positive. In short, these home Orgone devices work as a filter system for energy. The Pyramid is also the perfect filter shape as it has space and shape to effectively work those cleaning powers. The Pyramid is also a symbol of the earth and the cosmos. It simultaneously stays balanced and grounded while being connected to higher potential and the universe.

Along with cleansing energy, the orgone pyramid can be amazing for helping to keep the chakras cleansed. We have seven energy points in our body and each is connected to a certain area of our emotional and physical health. As mentioned, Orgone energy is all geared towards shifting blocks and inviting life to flow through. Our chakras echo this as at times they can become blocked and stop all that universal energy from helping us hit our full potential. While Orgonite is doing its important work spinning positive energy and removing filters and blocks, it will also contribute to keeping the chakras clear and inflow.

orgone pyramid with orgonite crystal in different colors that can be healing you.

Obsidian, red agate, garnet — representing survival, security, Kundalini energy

Red ghost, red rabbit hair crystal, coral –representative function, animal instinct, facial features control
Citrine, tiger eye, amber –representing emotions, desires, health, etc.

Rose Quartz, pink tourmaline, Aventurine, Turkish stone, garnet, green crystal, turquoise — representing conscience, fraternity, imagination, and vitality.

Lapis lazuli, blue crystal, blue turquoise, sea blue treasure — representing creativity and surrender.

Fluorite, lapis lazuli, and chalcedony — representing intuition, heavenly eyes, inspiration, calming, healing.

Amethyst, white Quartz, soothing stone, white ghost — representing piety, desire, cosmic consciousness
Crystal represents the angel and power.

Moonstone — represents the moon cycle, enthusiasm, sensitivity, treatment is beneficial to the female physiological cycle, corresponding to the archangel Haniel.

Malachite — represents health, healing physical illness (non-medical means, not equivalent), corresponding to the archangel Raphael.

Quartz — to resolve the blockage of spirituality and energy, corresponding to the archangel Raziel.

Amber — Resolve resentment, emotional healing, corresponding to the archangel Uriel.

Lapis Lazuli — mental function, principle others, corresponding to the archangel Zadkiel.

Turquoise — the potential of life, corresponding to the archangel Sandalphon.

Crystal and Aquamarine — representing the relationship between the private and the business, corresponding to the archangel Raguel

Sugilite — can resolve fear and tension, and purify energy, corresponding to Archangel Michael.

Watermelon Tourmaline — dealing with learning disabilities, childhood problems, purification, and adjustment of the chakra center, corresponding to the Archangel Metatron.

Pink tourmaline — the phenomenon of negative energy and chaos, representing the archangel Sophie.

Amethyst — Treats emotions and evokes enthusiasm, representing the archangel Jeremiel.

Citrine — creativity, nourishment of leadership, healing anxiety, representing the archangel Gabriel.

Green fluorite — treating anxiety and bringing calm, the loved one, representing the archangel Chamuel.

Milky yellow calcite — resolve sadness, comfort, greetings from heaven, representing the archangel Azrael.

Rose Quartz– rich, courageous, open wings, healing elves, representing the archangel Ariel.

Where to buy orgone pyramid?

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